2024 Electrify Expo Highlights: Connecting with New Customers and Showcasing Innovative Bike Racks in Phoenix and Long Beach

Mountain Bike on Radgnarack all bike rack

2024 has been a great year for us so far. Not only have we connected with new customers, but we had a great time connecting with people at the Electrify Expo events


We are busy at every show that we go to. People are interested in getting a hands on experience with the rack, but they also appreciate the insight we give them about electric bikes and considerations they need to account for when investing in one.

In Phoenix we had the opportunity to connect with many adventure seekers to give them a hands on demonstration of how our new style of bike rack helps to make their life easier. We walked away from Phoenix with new fans of the rack , some great new connections, and even a few new friends.

Long Beach

Sunny Southern California offered us a great opportunity to get in front of people who really appreciate the customization possibilities of the rack. We made some great connections and were ecstatic for the opportunity to collaborate with Transition Bikes.

Stay tuned as we also met some influencers that align well with our core ethos. A lot of fun stuff to come with these folks; spoiler, we’re one of the few racks that works well on Cyber Trucks.

Long Beach exhibition of Radgnarack Bike racks


I went to the Electrify Expo 2024 in Phoenix on May 4th where I purchased two electric bikes and a Radgnarack to carry them behind my motorhome. The Expo was an excellent venue to see and compare not only electric bikes, but also the racks available to carry them.

I was impressed with the ease of loading a heavier electric bike on the Radgnarack with the clever pedal crank holder that assists with controlling the bike as it is loaded and brings up the rear wheel ramp, snapping it locked in the up position. With the rubber retention straps attaching each wheel to the ramp, the bike is secured for travel.

The co-owner/designer, Don Serra, was super accommodating in meeting me to install upgraded crank holders that kept the center of gravity of my particular bikes closer to being directly above the attachment bar. As a retired engineer who worked in the aerospace industry for over thirty years, I can appreciate the attention to detail and the high level of design and workmanship in this product.

David Spires

David Spires

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