Racks Ready For the Road

Racks Ready for the Road

A way to haul e-bikes longer distances. The marketing firm Precedence Research anticipates that 40 million e-bikes will be sold this year, marking 130 million sales since 2020. The growth of e-bikes was already on display when Outdoor Retailer first returned to Salt Lake City earlier this year, and that continues this week. But how do you plan to haul your e-bike if you're going great distances to ride it? The South Jordan-based RadGnaRack is hoping to have that solution. The company, which officially launched this week, unveiled a new rack designed to haul all types of bikes, but especially much-heavier e-bikes. It's adjustable on one end so the rack serves as a ramp; once the bike is on the rack, users can adjust it again to elevate the bike and keep it from dragging. It's capable of holding two bikes.

"This is a rack that is specifically engineered toward them and assisting the loading of these big, heavy bikes for people who are not big, strong individuals," said Don Serra, the company's director of development and designer of the rack. Tyson Creager, RadGnaRack's director of operations, adds that the rack is engineered to hold 120 pounds per bike, which is a little more than the heaviest e-bike the company could find on the market. It costs about $1,200, though he said the company is offering a 15% discount for the next few weeks as it launches.

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