RadGnaRack E-Bike Hitch Rack

E-bikes are heavy. That not only makes them difficult to load onto a bike rack but also somewhat dangerous. Many mountain bike racks aren’t engineered to hold that kind of weight. And if you hit a bump hard enough, going fast enough, you might lose your rack and everything attached to it.
Enter RadGnarRack. This hitch-mounted bike rack is made with heavy-duty steel and materials used in construction. One side of the rack lowers, creating a ramp to roll your bike onto it. The bike crank slides into a lock, which holds the bike in place. It’s slick and super easy to load, even with heavy bikes. No more lifting heavy bikes to lock them onto your car, and no more anxiety about your bike being too heavy for its rack.

There are a lot of bike racks out there that can carry e-bikes, and even some that offer solutions for lifting heavy bikes. But the RadGnaRack is both simple and — apparently — burly.

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